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Geek Chic: Back-to-school Edition

4. Don?t Stress Yourself Out! Photo Credit The transition from living at home with your family to living on campus while learning how to deal with a roommate , wake up for class on time, study, participate in activities , study more, spend time with friends, and do everything else needed to function independently spells out one thing ? STRESS! In order to overcome academic hurdles, don?t be afraid to seek extra help from your professors, peers, or a tutor if you find yourself struggling through a class.

They always inspire me to hunt down things for less. I?m always amazed when Blair Eadie wears something from Old Navy !? Where do you like to shop? ? Anthropologie , J.

A soft gray dolman sweater with black skinny jeans is a casual take on the house sweaters and skirts/trousers that the toko jaket keren students wear, while a black waterfall coat is a more fashion-forward version of wizarding robes. Slip on a pair of polished brogues to add to the ?English schoolboy? vibe. Finally, pledge your house allegiance with a cute infinity scarf in the house colors of your choice.

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